Chapter Meetings
  Meets 0900 - 2nd Saturday each month
  No military ID required for access
      Fairways Bar and Grill
      Cypress Lakes Golf Course
      5601 Meridian Road
      Vacaville, CA

Chapter Officers
       Lloyd Edwards, TSgt (ret)
Vice Chairs
      Steve Andrus, Sgt (sep)
      Jay Kreider, MSgt (60SFS)
      Mackenzie Miller, SSgt (60SFS)

      James E. Downey, CMSgt (ret)

      Ron Armenta, MSgt (ret)

AFSFA Goals and Objectives
There is a distinctive relationship among the many men and women who have served or are serving in the Air Police, Security Police, or Security Forces career field. Some call it the Bond of the Blue Beret. Some of our more senior members can recall the days of the Sam Browne and the Air Police brassard. Whatever the tie, our members share a sense of responsibility for and a vision of the future of this career field.

We all understand the benefits to be derived from remembering the past while contributing to the future by belonging to and supporting this organization.

Our focus is on fulfilling what we consider to be the most important goals and objectives:

  • Honoring the Past
  • Recognizing the Present
  • Preparing for the Future

Air Force Security Forces Assoc.


We Support the Members and Families of 60th Security Forces Squadron

Travis Bay Area Chapter operates under the umbrella of AFSFA
and is a 501(c)(19) - Veterans' Organization.

Dedicated to All First Responders
Wednesday September 11, 2019    Cypress Lakes Golf Course
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The Air Force Security Forces Association is a world-wide organization of Security Forces professionals with local chapters. Since its birth in 1986 it has been a significant factor in preserving and enhancing the honor and pride that are inherent in the Security Forces career field. Our membership spans generations, encompassing the military policemen (air provost marshals) of World War II and continuing over the years to the men and women who are serving their first hitch today. Membership is open to anyone who has served honorably in the Army Air Corps MPs, Air Police, Security Police, or is now serving in the Security Forces career field--or that component of the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserves, IMAs, or DoD Police Officer.

Why an Air Force Security Forces Association?

Camaraderie. The bond of warriors of all generations ties the members of AFSFA together in a unique way. From Kimpo, Korea, to Kirkuk, Iraq, the Security Forces have served together to defend American resources against all enemies.


Support today's Security Forces. As the Air Force goes through major reorganization and the role of the Security Forces changes, we maintain a tremendous pride in the men and women who wear the beret today. They are performing duties that earlier generations never dreamed would be a role for the force. The equipment and training are the best in the world. The demands put on the troops by the ops tempo place pressure on them and their families unlike any before. AFSFA takes seriously our responsibility to give a helping hand wherever we can.


Our Heritage. We feel obligated to capture the history of the career field for those who will come after us. An ongoing project has been a major research effort to produce a definitive history of the career field. Many members consider this a most important part of AFSFA.

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